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VanDusen Botanical Garden

Set against the distant backdrop of the North Shore mountains, VanDusen Botanical Garden offers a series of small, specialized gardens within the framework of the main garden, covering a total area of 55 acreas.

Among its famous flora are hundreds of variations of rhododrenons. In the spring, the garden's Rhododendron Walk blazes with colour. Nearby, the hexagonal Korean Pavilion is a focal point for the garden's Asian plant collection.

Sculptures abound on the lawns, under trees and between shrubs and several are in the Children's Garden, where a cherub presides over a wishing fountain. A latticework of paths wanders through 40 theme gardens, skirting lakes and ponds, crossing bridges and winding through stands of bamboo and giant redwoods.

There is a maze walled by 1,000 pyramidal cedars. Planted in 1981, the maze is a children's delight and a favoured location for local TV and movie producers needing an eery setting.

Once you've seen all the flowers, the Shaughnessy Restaurant (5251 Oak Street 604.261.0011) is a nice spot in a serene garden atmosphere. The gardens are open every day except Christmas, starting at 10am it closes between 4pm and 8pm-dusk-depending on the season.

When the Shaughnessy Golf Club moved a few kilometres south in 1960, the aim was to turn the 22.25-hectare (55-acre) course into a posh subdivision of sprawling mansions.

The local community lobbied city and provincial governments, as well as the Vancouver Foundation, then led by W.J. Van Dusen, to buy the grounds and turn them into a botanical garden. The result: a world-class bed of flowers and a ranking among North America's top 10 gardens!


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