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International Students in Vancouver

Every year, Vancouver welcomes thousands of international students who come to enjoy the natural beauty of the West Coast, and to attend language schools, public and private high schools,  colleges and technical institutes, career training and vocational schools and university. Students learn academic and special skills side-by-side with local students, a mixture that broadens the cultural and academic horizons of all.

The main reason people study abroad is to increase their marketability in the job market, both in their home countries and/or host countries. Vancouver offers a wide variety of excellent study options, a welcoming environment, and cost-effective options. Homestay placement agencies as well as school offices offer a range of accommodation options. Always remember to check visa requirements with the Canadian Embassy in your country, and keep in touch with your consulate office in Vancouver.

Language Schools

For studying ESL (English as a Second Language), one needn’t look further than the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island. Vancouver alone is home to over 200 language schools in various sizes and locations. Downtown Vancouver in particular has a large concentration – some newer, many more established – with a broad offering of summer and year-round programs to suit every age group and every need. More on Language Schools in Vancouver.

Secondary Schools

The public high schools in Vancouver and its suburbs are under the jurisdiction of the school districts and generally have active international offices. Families abroad recognize the academic advantage of having a BC High School Diploma and send their children to Vancouver to study for one or several semesters. More on Public High Schools in Vancouver.

There is also a number of private high schools, some of which are even specifically set up for international students. More on Private High Schools.

Post Secondary Education in Vancouver

The quality of education is excellent in Canada in general, and offers something for everyone.  With so many options to study in Vancouver, international students needn’t look far. There are many career training and vocation schools, community colleges and techinical institutes and universities and university-colleges in the area. More on universities, community colleges and career training in Vancouver.

Student Accommodations

Adding to the rich, cultural experience of studying abroad, is the chance to stay with a Canadian family. So in addition to the many accommodation options available in Vancouver, international students often stay in a homestay. This means they live with a family or individual, in their home, which helps to accelerate their language skills and introduces them to home life in Canada. Students can chose from any number of arrangements – full meals, half board, shared rooms, etc. – and can either arrange this through the school they are attending, or by contacting professional homestay placement agencies. 

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