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Vancouver Public Education

Vancouver proper is made up of 22 distinct neighbourhoods, and is surrounded by numerous municipalities, districts and incorportated cities, all of which make up the Lower Mainland. With a city population of nearly 600,000 and a total area population of 2 million people, this West Coast metropolis offers world-class education.

Education regions are governed by schools boards, and each incorporated city or district has its own. The education quality is high and consistent, and students from Vancouver and its surrounding areas go on to enjoy many opportunities in the Vancouver job market.

Vancouver is also home to top-quality career training programs, colleges and universities, that welcome both domestic and international students. Adult Basic Education and Continuing Education Programs abound, making education accessible to the entire population.

Vancouver School Board

School District No. 39 is the second largest in British Columbia. It is made up of 33 Elementary Schools and 13 Secondary Schools and has a student population of around 57,000, with an additional 8,000 in Adult Education programs. Of this total of 65,000 students, 24% have an ESL (English as a Second Language) designation and 6% are in French Immersion programs. The School District celebrates the cultural diversity of the Vancouver city area, and has identified 110 different languages amidst its school communities. First Nations students comprise 3.5% of the schools’ population.

Other important components successfully included in the District’s philosophy are access to its Continuing Education, Adult Education and International Education programs.

The School District covers an area that his home to some of the most affluent as well as most impoverished neighbourhoods in Canada, which provides the District with both rewards and challenges. Their commitment to social responsibility involves offering a school meal program, language services and personal counselling to students.

Other Vancouver area School Districts:

Richmond – School District No. 38

North Vancouver – School District No. 44

West Vancouver – School District No. 45

Burnaby – School District No. 41

Universities and Colleges

Vancouver is home to a number of colleges, universities and technical/vocational institutes. Both domestic and international students can study in a wide variety of fields, from culinary arts to medicine – and everything in between.

The two key universities are UBC – University of British Columbia on Vancouver’s West Side, and SFU – Simon Fraser University on Burnbay Hill. Both offer a wide range of programs – all the way up to Phd level – and are important parts of the academic community in Vancouver, and British Columbia.

The community colleges offer transfer programs to the universities, as well as Adult Basic Education, diploma and certificate programs. Their original concept is to make post-secondary access available to all the people within the community, by offering smaller class sizes, more personalized attention and flexible study options, all the while maintaining the academic standards that can be expected from higher education in British Columbia.

The colleges, universities and technical institutes, such as BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology prepare students for academic and vocational careers in Vancouver and beyond.

International Students

Association of Canadian Colleges and Universities


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